my first blog

29 二月

I tried to write my blog long times ago but always busy as an excuse for myself.

I quit my job on last Dec. and now still looking for a right job…I think it’s time for me to start my blog!

How to describe myself? I’m a cat lover! I’m living in Hong Kong with three cats, big brother Jack, black lady Luna and the youngest boy Simba.

Jack and Luna are adopted from cat society and Simba is imported from England.

During my ex job nature, I needed to travel a lot. Thanks to my boy friend taking care of them during my absence.

Problem is when we out for holidays together, who take care our cats? I tried to call my friends for help, they cannot be available every time. Imagine taking care of them, feeding them, playing with them, cleaning the litter box…etc.

That makes me think of there should be many cat lovers out there having the same situation like me, I do trust I can help them if I become a cats nanny!



怎樣形容自己? 我愛貓地! 我和三隻貓,大哥阿積,黑妹Luna和三弟Simba住在香港。








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